• Florida Fantasy2:11

Ice Cream makes me happy

The Beatles make me happy

A sunset makes me happy

A sunrise makes me happy

Roses add beauty to the world 

See's Candies make me happy

My tropical fish aquarium makes me happy

Seeing a fireworks display makes me happy

Going to see a movie at the AMC Deer Valley 17 makes me happy

Anyone who knows me will testify that I am at my happiest on Christmas Eve

The 75 inch Sony Bravia 4K TV makes me happy

"Godzilla" makes me happy when the music is blasting away and the disco lights are moving to the music

Doggies make me happy

Going to an Amusement Park makes me happy

I am a happy-go-lucky guy living in Phoenix, Arizona in my beautiful green house.  


Welcome to all of my friends and visitors!

If anyone is miserable, please leave immediately

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