And more chocolate rabbits!

Just look at this giant Dove chocolate rabbit that Wayne gave to me!


A close-up of the Easter basket just chock full of chocolate.

Our Easter lily has four blooms.

This is the Smithfield spiraled ham that we will be having for dinner today.

Out front of my house early on Easter Sunday and I made sure to wear my "Lon Chaney" hat.

This special Easter ceramic dish contains Dove and Hershey chocolate eggs.

Wayne can't resist smelling the fragrance.

Wayne is out front bright and early, too.

Wayne is holding some of his Easter candy.

Wayne proudly shows off the Easter basket.

And my brother gave me two Godiva rabbits!

A full view of the Easter display including the cute little ceramic bunny that you can see at the very front of the right side.

  • Run Rabbit Run (Digitally Remastered)2:43

I cored four whole pineapples for our Easter dinner.

Sunday  April 21