May 23 -- Today Abbie Spiek graduates from Liberty High School.

June 3 -- I graduated from college on this day back in 1971.

May 7 --  I will be going to see the Rolling Stones at State Farm Stadium.

Jan 22 -- I saw the Oscar nominations. I am happy that Bradley J

May 3 --  Today I subscribed to Netflix.  I like the myriad of movies offered and I have watched plenty of horror movies.

​​​​Jan 21 --  I took this photo of the SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON.

Feb 23 -- Today I celebrate my birthday.  My real birthday is on February 27.

May 24 --  I will be making homemade strawberry ice cream for the Memorial Day weekend.

​​​Jan 18 -- I made homemade vanilla ice cream.  Later that day, my brother treated me to the Texas Roadhouse.

July 4 -- My brother placed into the oven a Sara Lee apple pie and it was the perfect "happy food" for the 4th of July.

Jan 1 --  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!

  • Charlie Chaplin Walk1:31

 April 21 --  Easter Sunday