My Biography:



Name:  Glenn Kapfer
Nickname:  "Casper"   And, of course, "LittleMrSunshine"

Birthplace:  Baltimore, Maryland

Current Residence:  Phoenix, Arizona

Age:  Anywhere between 50 and secrecy 

Education:  College graduate  B.A. in History (cum laude)  University of Baltimore

Height:   5 ft 8 inches 

Weight:  135

Eyes:  Hazel

Hair:  Now frosted

Shy?  Yes

Astrological Sign:   Pisces

Birthday:  February 27

Birthstone:  Amethyst

Description of Myself:   I am single and non-attached and I like it that way.  

Drink:  No

Smoke:  No


My Favorite Movie of all time is:  MIDNIGHT COWBOY    















My Movie Passion:  I love scary movies  

My Type of music:  Techno, Rock, Trance

Favorite Musical Artists:  The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Eminem,

Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Deadmau5, Imagine Dragons

Own an iPad?:   iPad Pro

Favorite TV Show:  Stranger Things

Favorite All-Time TV Show:  Jeff's Collie


Favorite TV Comedian:  Lucy   I own the entire I LOVE LUCY series on DVD


TV Show Obsessed:  THE BRADY BUNCH   I own all 117 episodes on DVD


Biggest Goal Achieved:  Purchasing an authentic and certified set of Beatles autographs

















Hobbies: Photography, DVD collecting, autographed collectibles, and my tropical fish aquarium


Favorite Color:  Emerald Green

A song that can best describe me:  "I am a Rock" by Simon & Garfunkel

Favorite Food:  Ice Cream

What's Most Important in Life?  My Home (and it is all paid for)


The Camera I Own:  Nikon D5600

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel


Favorite Holiday:  Christmas

What is instant happiness?   Shopping  

Favorite cologne:  Creed Aventus

Favorite Brand Name Clothes:  Jhane Barnes, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren (Polo), Geoffrey Beene, J. Lindeberg, Robert Graham, Versace

Favorite Stores:  Jared's, Neiman-Marcus, Macy's, Dillard's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom

If I won the Lottery?   I would open up an ice cream factory   

My Philosophy:  Troubadour   
I am a happy-go-lucky guy  

I was born on a Sunday , so, I am always happy.

 My Version of The Power of Positive Thinking:

I have a ritual that whenever I fix myself a big bowl of ice cream, I look at it and point my finger at it, and I say the following words:  

"This is good for the heart."


My Solution for World Peace:
There would be no more wars if all of the evil leaders in the world would spend a day at an amusement park. If anyone is depressed, go to an amusement park. You will get out of that depression immediately and just think of all the money you will have saved from not lying on a couch at a psychiatrist's office.  

My Favorite Quotes

"I'd rather be doing nothing than to do something."

"Do you believe in Laurel & Hardy?"

"Oh, victory have mercy on me."

"Life's guillotine, don't cut me off."

"Beans is the name....One of the Boston beans."

"That was nice weather we had tomorrow."

"You're so 20th century!"

"A man ain't worth a dime if he doesn't show up on time."

"If you want fame, you gotta change your name."

"Every night I pray that those who criticize me will look ridiculous in the morning."

"You can never be too rich and you can never be too thin."

"Why a regular TV, when you can have a 4K TV?" 

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful."



I am infatuated with amusement parks:









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