I saw "Dumbo" on March 29, 2019.  I wanted to take that cute, precious elephant home with me!

The story begins 100 years ago at the struggling Medici circus and projects its way to Dreamland in Coney Island.  I've always been fascinated with Coney Island, so, I was happy to see this nostalgic amusement park re-created.

This movie is emotional and when "Baby Mine" is sung, and when you see Dumbo climbing up to the cage to see his imprisoned mother where they embrace their trunks, the scene tugs at your heart.

The Director, Tim Burton, did a fantastic job with a redux of "Pink Elephants on Parade" by utilizing gigantic pink bubbles for the surrealistic effect.

​The movie has a good cast.  Colin Farrell plays a good role as a World War I returning home veteran minus an arm and he is a devoted Dad to his two children. Danny DeVito portrays the owner of the Medici circus, and while he is obnoxious at times, he emerges as a hero at the end.  I liked Eva Green because her character, "Colette," is from Paris and she is so pretty.  But watch out for the villain portrayed by Michael Keaton!

I enjoyed "Dumbo" and I was transported to a make-believe world where an elephant can fly.

My Grade:  B+

I saw "AVENGERS: ENDGAME" on April 26, 2019.  This movie is S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R.  Besides plenty of battle action scenes, there is a lot of comedy thrown in.  Very emotional scenes happen with a mix of sadness and happiness.  This 3 hour long movie has enough time to captivate the audience with a myriad of feelings.  The music score roars like a tidal wave and the cinematography is vibrant.  Even Robert Redford and Michael Douglas make cameo appearances.

The main crux of "AVENGERS: ENDGAME" is time travel.  The Avengers have to go back in time and capture those six Infinity stones from Thanos.

"AVENGERS: ENDGAME" is a tribute to all of the Marvel Avengers characters.

I sat through to the very end and I can tell you the good news that there are no teaser trailers at the end, so, you can exit the theater as soon as the final credits roll on the screen.

​ My Grade:  B+

I saw "PET SEMATARY" on April 5, 2019.  I read the book many years ago and it is one of Stephen King's best.  This latest movie version is good and scary.  When the Creed's cat, Church, is killed by a truck, the father is shown a place off limits to the Pet Sematary by the neighbor, Jud, who from experience knows about its dark secret.  The father buries the cat, but the cat comes back as the cat from hell.  Church snarls and repeatedly claws the family members and has a foul odor.  Jud gave the father, Louis, a dire warning that "Sometimes Dead is Better." 

A horrible tragedy occurs at Ellie's 9th birthday party when a truck kills the child. This is a rough scene to watch.  The father is so desperate to see his daughter again that he ignores Jud's warning and takes her dead body out of the coffin and buries her in the Pet Sematary.  Ellie is not the same and she has a morbid look on her face and is prone to violence.

"Pet Sematary" has an evil ending where you feel like screaming, "Oh, Nooooooooo!"

My Grade:  B+

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I saw "Us" on March 22, 2019.  Jordan Peele is a horror movie aficionado and this movie is a non-stop scare masterpiece.  There will be several times when you will brace your seat.  Jordan Peele presents a puzzle in his movies and you will find yourself pondering in your mind after you leave the theater, "What was this movie all about?"  I figured it out near the end and the revelation jolted me.

The scariest part in the movie that sent shivers down my spine is that garbled voice of Lupita Nyongo'o when she is portraying her double.  The Wilson family faces a home invasion from demented folks who look just like themselves.  The evil ones dress in red outfits and each one carries a gold scissors which they cut their victims with.

I found this movie to be very terrifying and certainly delivers with its "R" rating.

My Grade:  B+



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I saw "GRETA" on March 1, 2019.

I was in the mood for a scary movie and I had my wish come true.  "Greta" is a cat and mouse chase that surpasses its limits.  Isabelle Huppert is the psychotic stalker and Chloe Grace Moretz is the prey. If you see this movie, the message becomes clear never to return a lost item directly to the owner. 

You must be warned about a certain scene that happens within a blink of an eye involving a finger being cut off in the kitchen. The whole audience in the theater gasped.

"Greta" is a thriller that has a slow and gentle beginning, but as the secretive plot unravels, you are in for a complicated and twisted nightmare. 

My Grade:  B+

I saw "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" on May 31, 2019.  So many memories came back to me of remembering when my Father took me to the movies to see the first "Godzilla" with Raymond Burr back during the 50's.  I've been a big fan of Godzilla ever since.

​Godzilla has put on some weight since I last saw him back in 2014.  Don't worry, he is still as fierce as ever and he can run pretty fast.

​This latest Godzilla installment has plenty of monster battles that will upstage any video game.  Rodan has a great make-over and he is a flying menace.  Mothra is back and this monster always has Godzilla's back.  Godzilla's worst enemy is King Ghidorah, the 3-headed flying dragon.

​Plenty of cities get destroyed mainly by King Ghidorah and Rodan.  Washington D.C. is in rubble with the Capitol Building on fire as well as the Washington Monument.  A news clip shows Phoenix under attack.  Boston looks like Hiroshima and it is here where Godzilla and King Ghidorah have their final battle.

At the end, you will witness how, by gestures, Godzilla is acknowledged as King Of The Monsters.

My Grade:  B

 I saw "CAPTAIN MARVEL" on March 8, 2019.


I was so happy when Brie Larson won the Best Actress Oscar for "Room" that I just had to see her in this dynamic superhero movie. Well, Brie outdoes Wonder Woman.


The movie does have a complicating plot and you will be saying to yourself, "What's going on here?"  As the movie evolves, you will get a fair understanding of what is transpiring.  I have to opine that this film is about a woman facing an identity crisis who finally finds her calling toward the end of the movie.


Probably the most amazing part in this movie is how the make-up artists made Samuel L. Jackson look like he is 30 years young.


I enjoyed seeing Annette Bening as the Supreme Intelligence but I was disappointed when she turned out to be a villain.


​Those Skrulls with their make-up remind me of Nosferatu with their pointed ears.


The period in this movie is 1995 and I liked the settings especially with a Blockbuster store, a lunchbox with The Fonz on it, and the rock music during the 90's.


Goose the cat is amusing but watch out for those gigantic, hideous tentacles that come out of his mouth.


​There are two teaser trailers at the end.  The first one occurs midway as the end credits roll and the second one takes place at the completion of the end credits.


My Grade:  B